22 November 2010

Batik Fun Walk 2010

Last Sunday was one fun Sunday for myself plus the other 2 friends of mine. It was a day where fun & fitness was working hand in hand. Though the rain was pouring heavily in KL for the past few days, this very Sunday was so bright & sunny to welcome me & my friends to Jalan Putra in joining the fun with the rest of other 500 KL residents.

For the 8th year, the Batik Fun Walk is back & this time it's much more fun than ever with the participation of 3 gorgeous chicks - Carol, Farrah & myself, of course. Every participant (myself included) put in their best effort to add some batik elements to their sports wear - which is why the event is named "Batik Fun Walk" . It is supposed to be a fun way to promote our very own batik while being healthy at the same time.

The happening pose of me & Farrah

It's quite amusing & interesting to watch the people around you being creative with batik. You'll be surprised at how sporting the crowd can be to join in the fun. There are all sort of styles & fashions these people have come up with. A girl can actually dressed up in kebaya with batik sarung for this event ! I dont know whether she would call herself creative or adventurous but honestly, she just looked stupid to my eyes. C'mon......walking for 3.9 km in a kebaya and sarung? You've gotta be out of your mind ! Oooppppsssss....mind my laser mouth !

Whatever style they are parading, none of them could beat Ms. Jenny Lee who won the most creatively dressed in batik category for the 7th consecutive years since she first joined in 2003. By the look of it, I'm sure the title is gonna be hers for as long as she lives - unless Yayasan Budi Penyayang (the organizer) decided to turn her into their mascot for good !


Aint he hot ?

The presence of the above guy instantly attracts my attention with his long beautiful legs ( honestly, I envied his legs so much). For a "shemale", he's one beautiful person - lean long legs, nice hair & sharp features. It's just too bad that only today I found out who he really is. He's the famous designer - Amir Luqman. Damn it! Both me & Carol were swearing ourselves earlier for not taking the opportunity to become his friends that day.....so stupid of us !

Steady makcik !

The event started as early as 7 am for the registration. With a registration fee of RM10, this is what you'll be getting : 2 muffins, a bun, milo, mineral water & a batik sarung. Not bad at all for a fee of 10 bucks kan?

Totally worth your money !

At approximately 8.10 am, Linda Jasmine is already on the stage calling everybody for the warming up session. It was a good warming up session though most of the time I end up making my own steps & moves....hehehe.

The walk was flagged off by Umno Youth Chief, the yummy Khairy Jamaluddin. My God, he's really yummy la. I've only seen him on paper or TV & I already noticed that good looks of him. But in person, he's 4 times yummier .......tall, dark tanned skin, tummy-less bod & super sweet smile. Me & Farrah was really drooling over him ...... gorgeous...gorgeous.....gorgeous !!! Nori is one lucky woman to be by his side. Me so jealous one !!!

OMG....that's my number he's calling ! Wooo hoooo....be right there hun !

Anyway, it was a good 3.9 km walk - except for that one stretch of hilly part. Walking or running up the hill is really one torturous moment. It'll just drained up 30% of energy left in you, leaving you panting & gasping for more air....huhuhu. But then, knowing that KJ is waiting for me at the finish line ( I know I am perasan-ing, but who the heck cares !) gives me a boost of energy to finish the route - making me the first 30 participants to finish the competition......woooo hooooo !!!! And that's what we call "the act of love"....heheheh.

That's my lucky no along with my 5 check point cards

After the competition, there's a performance by the Astro's reality show artists - Mila, Maulana & Daus - of which I'm not that interested at all. If it's not bcoz of the LCD TV (plus KJ too, of coz) being the lucky draw's grand prize , all three of us would be heading home already. But it proves that our "sacrifice" are being paid-off. Both me & Carol got lucky that day - both of our numbers are up - which means that I got to be on the stage, standing side by side with KJ - such an emotional moments for me (except for Carol as she didnt like him - all the better for me! ) .....hahaha.

After 40 years, I am finally lucky !!!!

I hope I've inspired if not all, some of you on this great event. Those who didnt join this year, should try doing it next year. For all I know, this is gonna be one of my annual events every year, Insyallah.


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