15 November 2010

Beautiful Broga

Broga Hill. Heard its name being mentioned a couple of times before. Heard of its beautiful panoramic scenes a lot of times too. Being there? Never....... but not till last Saturday.

Most of the time when you plan something out, things just couldnt end up as well as you want it to be. On the other hand, for those ad-hoc or last minute plans, everything would fall perfectly in place . Well, that's how unpredictable life can be, making it even more exciting, isnt it?

In the middle of last week, a friend of mine was telling me her plans to climb up the Broga Hills on Saturday. The moment I heard it, I jumped at the opportunity of joining her since Marsya will be spending the weekend with her dad this week plus I dont have any other plans at the same time. Timing is just so perfect !

I was so looking forward to this trip & the excitement started from Friday night itself. Too excited, I cant even get myself to sleep. By 2.30 my eyes are wide open & by 4.00 am, I was already in Carol's car heading to Semenyih. With the help of Google Maps, we manage to get to Broga in approximately 45 minutes. If you are coming from KL, you'll find a Rabbit Farm on your right & right opposite the farm is the entrance to the palm oil plantation where the foothill of Broga Hill is. You can either park inside the plantation (with a small fee of RM2/entrance) or you can just leave your car along the road like we did. It's not that we cant afford that RM2 but we didnt know we can actually park inside. So, please stop the bitchin' instantly people.....hehehe !!

We are supposed to hike the hill with Lin & her sisters but when we call them, they are still 30 minutes away from Semenyih. So, fearing that we might not be able to catch the sunrise, we've decided to continue without them. To those who are worry about their safety being there as early as 5 am, well you can tuck away that fear of yours for good. There are a lot of people there (especially during weekends) with the same intention which is witnessing the sunrise on top of Broga Hill.

The hiking was not that tough, I would say - as long as you have the stamina for it. There are trails & steps being made all the way to the top of the hill & all you need to do is to follow them up. If you're planning to catch the sunrise like us, dont forget your torchlight - one for each person would be the best. At 5.00 am, the track up the hill was really, really dark. It was pitch black with not even a single hint of light except from our own torchlight & glimpses of light coming from other trackers up along the trail.

Besides the torchlight, a pair of good shoe is highly recommended. The route is quite rocky & slippery due to loose sands - not forgetting the sudden gaps in the ground and rocks in the middle of the trail. We were grateful that it didnt rain that morning & the day before - otherwise it'll be twice harder to climb up.

And the adventure begun......

After a few stops to catch our breath, we managed to get to the first peak in approximately 40 minutes. It was still dark at that time & we were looking for the best spot to rest our tired legs. To all muslims, make sure you'll take your wudhu' before going up as there's no water supply up on the hill. Bring all your praying necessities & you can perform your Subuh prayers on top of Broga Hill while waiting for the sunrise.

Scenes that would make your heart stopped for a while

Anyway, all the exhaustion & sweating are paid off the moment the sun started to peep out. The view from the top of the hill is awesome. Simply spectacular. As it getting brighter, we are greeted by the wonderful hill scenery, with the green grass & blue skies - totally worth it. In addition to the scenic views, the fresh soft breeze that mildly brushes your face gives you a satisfaction no money could buy. And as the breeze whispers, the weeds swayed swiftly as tho they are dancing to the rhythm of the wind, creating such an astounding sight.

Absolutely beautiful

When I first got up at 2.30 am earlier, I was wondering what the hell I'm getting myself into? But then, seeing all those remarkable God's creation, gave me a different perspective in life. Standing there on the top of the hill makes you feel very tiny in God's eyes. I am so grateful to God not only to the life He has given me but also the ability to enjoy simple things in life & savouring it to the fullest.

Absolutely beautiful too.......hehehe

Once we're done exploring the hills & taking pictures of the surroundings (and ourselves too, of course), we head down to the foothill. The journey downhill was much easier & faster. But allow me to remind you to be extra careful as the path is quite steep & slippery - this is where your good pair of shoes come to play.

Another God's best creation.......do I need to say more?

All and all, both me & Carol enjoyed the trip very, very much - though we didnt get till the 3rd peak. But then I am surely setting my feet back to this hill as I've promised Lin to do so. She didnt even make it to the 1st peak since one of her sister just couldnt proceed anymore. With what's there to greet us, it is simply worthwhile for a next trip to Broga !

Before I end up this entry, I really wanna share this one shot I've captured while I was there. You see, you dont need to be on a gigantic ship to be the infamous Jack & Rose. Here in Broga Hill we do have our very own Pak Joko & Kak Rosnah :

..... You jump, I jump ......

Pssstttt : Panorama Hill anyone? Huhuhu.........


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