19 December 2008

A Visit To KL Tower

I've created history last 29th when I visited KL Tower two days in a row. Marsya has actually asked me to take her there since she've never been to the tower before. As for me, I've visited the place a very2 long time ago, so long even Marsya havent existed yet at that time.

The tower still looks the same except now they have something extra which is the KL Tower Animal Zone. It's like a mini zoo where they have some animals (mostly snakes) for exhibition. I would say it's a tourist trap since there's nothing really special about it. We've wasted RM15.00 going to this animal zone. They shouldnt have imposed any fees if it's just for a couple of snakes & rabbits - unless those animals are dressed in sexy lingeries & did a pole dancing ( pole dancing again??? watta heck wrong with me ?? )

We didnt spend so much time at the tower either as we need to hurried to Sogo for our next activity for that day i.e. karaoke. We tried looking for our apartment but couldnt even get a glimpse of it. After looking through a few binoculars & took some shots, we headed back. At least Marsya could now proudly announced to her frens that she've been to the KL Tower already.

My next visit to the tower was the next day for Ain's sister's (Yeen) wedding. The reception was held at the rotating restaurant of the tower - very exclusive. It was a great event at a very nice place & tasty food too. Everybody & everything looks beautiful that nite. Selamat Pengantin Baru to Yeen & Fifi.


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