25 December 2008

Snowland @ Genting

Since I've promised Marsya to let her experience the snow, I've got no choice but to take her there. We took off from KL quite late i.e. about 10.30 am since she's travelling back from Seremban this morning itself. Hate Genting Highland so much! 1st is the journey to the place. I'm sure I'll get land-sick (is there such a word??) going-up & coming down from this place. Pening siot! Secondly, there's nothing much there except it'll burn a big hole in your pocket. City of Entertaiment konon! So far, I've been there a few times.....not even once I got entertained. Seriously! I hope I wont got sued by the Genting management for having to say that. But that's my personal feeling about this place. So, be it!

We arrived there approximately 11.30 am. Thought of taking the cable car to the top but unfortunately we missed the junction. So, we drove all the way up. Took quite a while to get the parking space though since it's already mid of the day. Parked at the One World Hotel & the good thing about it is that it's free!! The only thing that's free here.

Headed straight to the Snowland where they have the man-made snow there. When we got there the time is 12.45 pm & the next batch to the Snowland is only @ 1.40 pm. So, we bought the ticket (RM17.00/adult & RM14.00/child) & wandered around the indoor theme park to kill the time.

While wandering, Marsya saw this Haunted House & insisted to go in. The entrance fee is quite expensive though. For me & Marsya, I've busted RM50.00 from my purse. It hurts! What boiled me up is that the moment we entered the house, Marsya got too scared & didnt wanna proceed. The thing is there's no way to get out of the place without going through it all the way. So, she end up hugging me tight & walked with her eyes closely shut. I was babbling & nagging her continuously for wasting my RM50 for nothing. In the first place I didnt wanna go to this Haunted House but then she keep insisting & show me that sorry look of her which melted my heart in the end. So, when it ended up like that, who wouldnt be angry? Geramnyerrrrrr................

Anyway, Marsya had fun at the Snowland. It was freeking cold in there - minus 5 Deg. C as they claimed. It's like being in a giant freezer. The entrance fee is inclusive of the jacket, gloves and boots, which is quite ok lah. I smuggled in my handphone & manage to take a few shots of Marsya with the snow. Most of the pictures taken were not so good as they've been take discreetly. Susah mah!

No cameras & handphones are allowed at the Snowland as Genting becomes too greedy already. I'm sure they've made tonnes of money from the theme parks & the entrance to the Snowland is not that cheap either. But noooo......money is never enuff. So, they prohibited people from taking photos in there. If you still want, you can use their personal photographer & pay RM15.00/pic. Crap! Fuckin crappy! Tamak haloba!

We stayed there for a while till our noses started to turn red.....hehehhehe. It's freezing in there which reminded me of my trip to New York 2 years ago - the first time I've ever experienced snow. Of course, nothing beats the God's creation.


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