28 December 2008

National Science Center

Marsya has been wanting me to take her here for the past couple of months already. So, today I am making one of her many wishes came true. We're going to the National Science Centre.....finally.
The Science Center is located in Bukit Kiara. The best way is via the Federal Highway & then followed by the Kerinchi Link. Take the INTAN / Mount Kiara exit & just go straight until you see the signboard to this place. It's quite easy actually. Even a person who has the worst sense of direction like me could find it. That's how easy it is !
The entrance fee is RM6 (adult) and RM3 (children). Anyway, you'll get some discount (which i've forgotten how much...opppsss !! ) if you present the JJ (Jaya Jusco) Card. Quite strange come to think of it. As if JJ has some kindof connection / collaboration with this place. Anyway, since it's school holiday, the place is quite full with kids especially
Like the Petrosains, I have high expectation to the place. So, disappointed is all over me when I got there. The place to me is just so-so la. Most of the things there are already ruined due to bad handlings I supposed. Well, that's how bad the Malaysian's civic awareness are here in this country. Let alone the vandalism. It's a pain in the ass, to start with.

Marsya posing at the entrance of the Science Centre

Malaysians doesnt seems to know how to appreciate things. If you need to press a button once, they'll do it a million of times - just for the fun of it. Should I call these people uncivilised? Well, looking at how well dressed they are, they're quite a civilised & refines species, I would say which makes me really confused. There's just no answer to this situation. We'll just to accept the fact that Malaysians are "sakai"......how sad!

A Spidergirl ? She somehow looks familiar........

Back to the Science Center story. Even though it seems to be a not-so-interesting place to me but apparently that's not the case for Marsya. She seems to have lots of fun here. Trying everything out. Well, that's kids. They're just too curious & adventurous. Always wanting to try out something new.

The many faces of Marsya

Everyday at 10.00 am, 2.00 pm & 4.30 pm, there's this program called the Science Demonstration held by the NSC's staff. It's quite an intersting show actually, for kids especially. They would do some scientific tricks to woo the audiences. one of them is the electrostatic experiment which Marsya participated. She's so thrilled with it. Good for you girl !

Mummy....look at my hair !! They're standing !


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