25 December 2008

Sharing The Joy of Christmas

Like last year, Farrah, Carol & myslef had our Christmas lunch on the 19th Dec. It is supposed to be our Christmas dinner @ Traders Hotel but unfortunately Carol cant make it. Last year, along with Tania we had it @ Saisaki.

We planned to do this every year whereby all of us will exchange gifts on this very day - just for the fun of it. It started last year when Tania & Carol bought me something as my Christmas gift. I cant just take without giving them back in return, right? That's how it started then.

Our Christmas lunch this year was held in Mutiara Hotel. I always like their lunch buffet especially their bread pudding which is to die for. The buffet was priced at RM 82.00/person.....expensive huh? It's all because of the oysters, I'm sure. Too bad I just cant take oyster - it's just too slimy for me!

Well, these are the gifts I bought for both of them :

This one's for Carol

And this is for Farrah

.And this is what i got in return :


From Carol

From Farrah

Isnt it cool ? Love you gals ! Muah...muah....muahhh !!!


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