23 December 2008

Short Visit To JB

Selamat Pengantin Baru !!!!

I cant really remember when was the last time I've been to JB. It has been more than 6 - 7 years since the last time I've been there. Went there on the 13th Nov. to attend Zahid's sister's wedding. Long tag along with us - untuk memeriahkan suasana la gitu.

We were in JB for 2 days only - went back the next day. Nothing really changed about the city - it's the same old town I've been before. That Saturday night, Zahid took us to Bandar Baru Uda for a satay treat at his old buddy's place. Since the satay & the service is good, I've decided to promote it here in my blog. If you're happen to be in JB & have this craving for a satay, drop by at Sri Delima, BBU for a delicious & juicy satay ( Nazri, you owe me here - & it's definately not just a free satay ).

Nazri - trying very hard to look good with his satay

Together with us that night was also Zahid's best friend, Din whom we planned to pair up with my sis, Aida. Aida, I know you've kindof made up your mind but better give it a thought - 8 rental houses & a brand new 2.0 Honda Civic - dont pray-pray arrr !!! Another advise from me - age is just a number sis !!!

Din at his best pose

Ok Din, I think I've done enuff to promote you here. We'll just leave it to fate, ok ! Pray hard bro. !!


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