31 December 2008

The Undomestic Goddess

Many good reviews I've heard or read about this particular book which mounted up my desire to grip hold of it. Finally, last Sunday I've finished reading after lots of hardship (since I've been very, very buzy since November).

It's a story about a very stressed but bright lawyer, Samantha Sweeting who was fired after she make a little mistake which has cost one of their clients ₤50 million. In a panic-stricken daze she walks out of the office and gets on a train. She ends up in the middle of nowhere in front a big house where the owner mistakenly takes her in as the new housekeeper. Not knowing anything about household chores, Samantha tries very hard to cope with her new life. The story concludes with Samantha needing to decide which life is for her, a country housekeeper or a highly paid lawyer. You'll need to read it to find out!!!

Like the Shopaholic series, the plot of The Undomestic Goddess requires the reader to suspend a bit of belief. For instance, it’s a little difficult to buy that a high-powered lawyer would blunder her way into a job as a housekeeper and even harder to believe that a woman who couldn’t boil an egg learns how to cook gourmet meals in only a few weeks. However, if you don’t take the story too seriously, you won’t mind these unrealistic bits and instead focus on the great characters and funny situations.

Although this book is generally light-hearted, it does make one think about what is truly important in life. Do we take enough time for ourselves, or do we let our careers take over? Are we doing what we really want, or did we just get stuck in the system, like so many others? These are interesting questions to ponder.

The Undomestic Goddess is recommended to anyone who likes light, cute romances with a generous sprinkling of humour.


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