23 December 2008

Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

After been spending the school holidays for 3 weeks with her dad, marsya is finally back with me. We've spending our good times together since Saturday & obviously it's not enuff for us. So, I took extra leave on Monday, 1st Dec. & off we went to Bukit Tinggi.

Heard of this place before but havent got the chance to actually go there. We went to Colmar Tropicale, a beautiful French-theme resort where they have a replica of a collection of buildings from a north-eastern village in France dating back to the 16th Century. The accommodation is an artful combination of old style decor in warm pastel colours matched with modern amenities designed for maximum comfort. Too bad I couldnt take lots of pictures coz my battery went dead.

This place somehow reminded me of the movie "Sampai Hujung Nyawa", acted by Erra & Yusri a few years back. Some scenes in the movie were taken at this location. It's a very nice place indeed. You wont feel like being in Malaysia while you're there - the buildings & environment will make you feel as though you're somewhere abroad. Too bad the weather is not cold enuff, otherwise it could really makes you believe that you are in France.

I plan to re-visit this place again - this time with my battery fully loaded so that i could take tons & tons of photos. Apart from the French-themed buildings, there are also Japanese Village which I didnt get the chance to visit that day. Anyway, I would certainly make a promise to myself that I'll be back to this place some day. Asta la vista !!!


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