26 December 2008

Muzium Polis

At the entrance of the museum

Went to this museum this evening which situated somewhere near the Lake Garden. Marsya actually wanted to visit the National Museum but I have limited time to take her there today. So, that's how we end up being in the Police Museum instead.

With the British-made cannon

Frankly speaking, nothing is interesting there ( how un-patriotic am I ). Seriously, there's nothing much being exhibited there that could attracts people to come & visit. Okay, they have tanks, cannons, weapons, uniforms......uhhmmm.....basically, that's all ! Good thing there's no entrance fee to the museum. I guess the government themselves realize there's nothing much there that they should imposed a fee.

One of the few tanks exhibited

Nevertheless, there're still visitors to this museum - suprisingly huh. I guess they are also like me who would come this once & for all. Unless they have something new much, much interesting than the existing exhibits. Hope for the best.

Polis wanita tak jadi ......hehehehe


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