17 December 2008

So It's Been A While

It seems like ages since the last time I post a posting in this blog of mine. Been terribly bz these few weeks. Kak Mimi sent me an sms somewhere last week asking me why am i not posting any new stories in my blog. Thanks K. Mimi for your concern. It feels good knowing somebody is actually missing my stories even though most of them are merapu kindof stories.....wakawaka.

Anyway, I have lots to catch up here. Let's see what have I been missing since the last time I've posted my story which is on the 25th Nov. Gosh! That was so long ago. Not sure I could re-cap everything from that date thereon. I'll try my very best to capture all those missing moments. I'll start with the dinner first then.
On the 28th Nov. we had our very first company dinner - Dresser Annual Dinner 2008. It took place @ Jogoya Japanese Restaurant, Starhill, KL. As far as Japanese food is concerned, I always prefer Saisake. No doubt Jogoya is much2 more expensive & have more varieties but Saisake would still be my preference - dont ask me why for i dont really have the answer.

The dinner went quite well. All of us had fun - with the food, games & frens, of course. The sad thing about it is that I didnt win a single cents that nite.....uwaaaaa ! Let alone the lucky draw ( for I am never lucky when it comes to Lucky Draw ), I dont even win any of the games we had that nite. Sedihnyerrrr !!! Apart from that, everything else was excellent. I would call the dinner a success - hats off to the 2008 committees. As for 2009, myself, Carol & Lin are part of the committees. So, the pressure is now passed to us for another great dinner next year. Perhaps we could hire Tucker to be the pole dancer......hehehe....just a notty thought of mine !



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