31 December 2008

Daun Di Damas

Got an e-mail from my old buddy, Solih this morning. The e-mail contains photos of his newly opened (about a week ago) restaurant at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. What more can I say ....bravo !!!

Daun Di Damas

Personally, I'm so proud of Solih. Knew him while I was working @ Bumi Wangsa (which is my first ever job) way back in 1994, just a few days after sitting for my last final year's exam paper. Solih has always been a humble person who came from a not-so well-to-do family. But God is fair, as always, that he is gifted with a very good brain - he's a genius.

A doctor engineer - that's what he is. He studied medical in Malaya University (as what his late father wished for) but end up working as an engineer. Like what people said....all you need is a good brain & you'll excel. That's exactly how Solih excelled so far....how he's transfromed from being a Technical Specialist to a Director, from riding a RXZ bike to a 7-series BMW and from renting a small flat room to own a RM 1.2 million semi-D house. Yes....that's him & I'm proud to be his friend.

Not only he's a genius, Solih is also a very artistic person. He's very creative & could paint very well. I still remembers those times when we were sitting side by side in Bumi Wangsa's office, he likes to conteng2 on a piece of paper of which i would keep. I told him then that I would keep all of his artistic works so that one day when he became famous I could show them to the world & be proud of it. And today, here in my blog that statement has somehow came true. Praise to Allah.

One of Solih's creative "contengan" - been keeping it since 1998

During our working years, I'm always amazed by his capability to absorb or understand things (technical things especially) in a zapp. Any riddles / quiz given to us either via e-mail or frens, he would always be the first one to be able to solve it. There I am still struggling for the answer and he's already smiling.

Solih has the every quality to be at the position he is now. He's bright, good PR, great sense of humour and good looking too......hehehehe....that sweet mole underneath his right lips is an asset indeed. Otherwise, a rich & beautiful girl wouldnt have knealing & begging him not to leave her, in an open parking lot !!! That's how big an impact this guy could give to somebody's life.

Solih, during the opening of the Daun

Okay...I promised Solih to promote his restaurant here in my blog but looks like I'm promoting him instead. So dear readers, do drop by at his restaurant called Daun. I am very sure you wont be disappointed. Here's the address of the place - just to make sure you wont get yourself lost in the concrete jungle :

Daun Di Damas (DDD)
H-0-4, Plaza Damas
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas KL


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