24 November 2008

Ghost Eyes

These are my eyes with my new coloured lens. Bought it over the weekend - the colour is Hazel & the price is RM 53.00/pair. Been wanting to try out these coloured lens since a few of my frens did put it on & they looked quite ok. Tina had the grey ones......Azah too....and they look simply gorgeous which makes me wanting to be in the same group too.

However, things doesnt always end up the way you want it to be. The moment I look in the mrirror, all I could see is a pair of ghost eyes. It's damn scary ! I look so ghostly....so un-natural (duhhhh....). Didnt expect I'll look this awful.

Anyway, I still put it on to work today & as expected, Carol freaked out. I've reminded her of this girl she always bumped into in the lrt whom she called "Anak Pontianak" coz she had a pair of grey eyes. So for her, a coloured lens is a no-no. She was so startled when she saw me this morning. Cant blame her for that though.....I do look scary, that I agree....uwaaaa !!!

I should have gone for the brown ones instead. But then, it might not be noticeable if the colour is too natural. What's the point of having a coloured lens stucked onto your pupil when nobody actually notice it, right?

Anyway, I'm still gonna put this hazel lens on, no matter how terrible I look since it's not free. Well at least my Chef fren said I look okay, which I doubt it so much. I'm sure he's just trying to be nice so as not to hurt my feelings. So, just brace yourself if you're so happen to bump into me ! Good luck ! The vampire is in town !

p/s : Pell, if you're reading this ....I'm sure you would have the same comment when I pierced my nose back then. A woman got to do what a woman got to do........



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