09 November 2008

Laksa Sarawak - Finally !

Been wanting to try out the Laksa Sarawak paste I bought a couple of weeks ago. Just dont feel like cooking it not until today. I've decided that Laksa Sarawak will be the menu for lunch today.

After reading through a few Laksa Sarawak's recipes, I decided to use Hanieliza's recipe coz the picture looks good. Furthermore, most of her recipes are very reliable. The last time I had this dish was approximately 4-5 years ago. Had it in Kuching airport while on a transit flight back to KL (from Miri). I kindof like it - the taste (& even it's looks) is similar to Curry Mee.

Took me about 1 hour for the preparation & cooking. Luckily it's not that difficult and time consuming to prepare this dish coz I dont really like the taste of it. It has this funny taste which i dont know what. Cant really remember how it tasted back then in Kuching but i thought I kindof enjoyed it then. Or maybe it's the paste....
Anyway, that's about it. Dont think I would wanna try it out again. I'm just gonna give the rest of the paste to my brother, Jack since he seems to like Laksa sarawak. Hope he'll appreciate it more than me!


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