15 November 2008

Shopaholic & Sister

This is the fourth book in the Shopaholic series. Once you've started with the Confession of a Shopaholic (which is the first one), you can never turn back. You'll get yourself addicted & all you want is to complete the whole series. Well, with this one done, my journey with the Shopaholic series is almost towards the end.

In Shopaholic & Sister, Becky finds out that she has a long-lost sister she never knew about, who is a complete opposites - Jessica hates shopping ! Not only she has to deal with that, she also has problems with husband Luke & best friend, Suze who now has a new friend called Lulu. Still, with all those problems on top of her head, she didntreally manage to control her shopping habits (otherwise, the title of the book wouldnt be "Shopaholic" anymore, isnt it?)

I am currently reading her other book entitled The Undomestic Goddess, which is now stucked at page 9. I already have the finale of the Shopaholic series waiting for me but thought I would give it a break for a while. Looks like Shopaholic & Baby will have to wait for quite some time since I've been quite bz these few weeks. God, I wish I have more time............


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