15 November 2008

Kellie's Castle

It's "Jalan-Jalan Carik Pasal" again for me & my travelling companion, Ded. This time Kellie's Castle is our destination. We took the old road (rather than the highway) to Ipoh for more adventures & views. Luck is not really on our side as it was raining all the way from KL to Ipoh. We stopped by at Kalumpang (about 134 km to Ipoh) for lunch. The place is called Laksa D-Pokok ( as it is located right under a tree ). The laksa there is really awesome - very-very tasty. The gravy is so thick with fish paste & the taste is just right.

Then we continue our journey & the next stop is Tg. Malim, which is very famous for it's pau - Yik Mun's Pau. The restaurant is very easy to locate as it is just by the roadside. When we got there, there's a long queue of people waiting for the pau. Bought a chicken & beef pau for me & Ded. The pau is so soft & the filling is also quite good which is why it is very popular. I also bought the frozen ones to be taken home.

We finally reached the castle about 20 minutes to 6 pm. We were so worried we wont be able to made it on time as the entrance to the castle is close by 6 pm. After paying the entrance fee of RM 4/person, we head straight to the castle. From the outside, the castle looks quite huge. The surrounding area is quite calming with lots of greens & a small stream flowing right in front of the castle.

Kellie's Castle was built by William Kellie Smith somewhere around 1915. He built the castle for the same reason as Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal, which is "LOVE".....auuwww !!

The yellow building is the first Kellie's mansion before he started extending his castle

One of my favourite picture shot

Kellie Smith was a Scottish who made his fortune out in Malaya with various ventures. The original name for this building was Kellas House, which he named after his hometown in Scotland. However, over the years its become popularly known as Kellie's Castle.

Posing on the roof top which is also known as the Para Pad - the place where Kellie Smith used to view the surroundings & his etates


Standing in front of the castle tower where Kellie Smith intent to build the first-ever lift in Malaya

The castle was never completed as Kellie died of pneumonia whilst overseas in Portugal in 1926. After his death, Kellie's wife sold the building and estate and moved back to Scotland. The site was then left abandoned and lost in the jungle.

It became a ruin with many legends.....legend of the ghost of Smith wandering through the ruins is one of them. Other legends were off secret underground tunnels. But apart of the two known tunnels, none were ever found.

Dont know why but I feel like I'm posing for the Levi's ads. in this pic....wakawaka....

We spent about an hour or so at the castle. Wanted to spend more time but Ded got quite scared coz it's getting dark & we're the only visitors left. It was already 7.15 pm when we left the place & come to think of it, it's quite spooky being in the castle at that hour. You'll start imagining things....like seeing images & hearing voices....things like that. So, the best thing is to do is just leave !!!!!

Another pose for the Levi's ads


The other favourite picture of mine.....ala-ala cute la konon.....

I have this craving for Mee Rebus Ramli since the last I time I had it was around 2-3 years ago. since we're already here in Ipoh, I've decided to have it for dinner. Well it had been quite a quest looking for the place since none of us actually know it's exact location. After about 30 minutes of rounding the city, we finally get a grip of it. Anyway, it's worth a quest coz the mee rebus is superb. Too bad they didnt have any branch here in KL.


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