10 November 2008

Juz Like Old Times

It has been 2 days since Mar went back to Padang. So, it's now just me & my cutie pie at home. Like what Marsya told me : "it's now only you & me, mummy...just like old times !" Yeah...just like old times. In a way, we really enjoyed the privacy.

I am fasting today - puasa sunat...puasa ganti dah abisssss.... yeehaaaa !!!! And for my buka puasa today, here's what I've prepared :

Marsya's favourite dish


Again.....Marsya's favourite !

My signature dish...ahaks....

Me & Marsya make a good team at the kitchen. While I'm busy cooking, she helped by washing the dishes. It's quite a help I would say since I keep on tossing the plates & stuffs in the sink for her to wash. She in return, just stood there & clean up everything - piece by piece.
Then while I showered she helped setting up the table for dinner. By the time I'm done, everything are set - the dishes, plates, glass, drinks....all in place. Marsya makes me really proud to have her as my daughter today (not to say that I'm not before). I guess I did well in raising her up all these years and the best thing is.....I did that on my own (at least 90% of it) !!!!

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  1. sedapnya....jangan nanti tengok u all anak beranak dah jadik gemuk...hehe