09 November 2008

Bag Fever Is Back !!

Well, the title of this posting explains it all. Yup, bought me 2 new bags.....again. I could say no to clothings, accessories, make-ups and such but when it comes to bags......it's just so difficult. I just cant resist buying bags. Anyway, since I've donated few of my bags (which are now should be on their way to Padang, Sumatera) to my maid, I should have enuff spaces for the new ones. See..it's all about planning. Plan it well & you wont got stuck....hehehe.

This is the handbag I bought in Tangs last Friday. Tangs was on sale for the past 2 weeks or so and this is the last week of their sales. Went there at least 3 times before but didnt actually noticed this particular bag. Anyway, I'm glad I did this time. The moment I saw it, my brains started working very hard to find the justification to it. Already have a few black handbags actually.....but they are all so office-like. This is more casual. Yes....that's it! I need a casual black handbag! It's not that difficult anyway, I mean to justify my spending. But to tell the truth I would still grab it even though I cant justify it - it's too cool not to have it. It's a casual yet glamorous look with those sequins sewn on the front part of the bag. This bag is actually priced @ RM100 but they're giving a 50% discount. So, it just cost me 50 bucks - how could someone let go such a bargain! I wouldnt!

Then, this morning I went to Shah Alam where I saw this sweet looking purple handbag. Here we go again...... But when I came to know that the bag is only RM30, I quickly said yes. This time i dont have to give any justification to myself coz it's so cheap. I would still spent RM30 even if I didnt take the bag. So, watta heck!
The thing that attracts my eyes on this bag is that organza ribbon tied around it.....it look so sweet, plus it's purple. You know how sweet can a purple be, right? The colours & ribbon blended in so well.

To sum it all, I'm so happy with my 2 new bags - in terms of both looks & price. Very much satisfied indeed.


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