16 November 2008

Red Scoot's Shopping Spree

Opppss....I did it again ! I thought I could but obviously I couldnt. Already told myself that I shouldnt buy anymore things this month - no more shopping for November. Period! Unfortunately I am not that strong.....I failed....again.

In my case, the 3rd M'sian Megasale started a lil bit early than planned. I screwed up everything as I stepped into Amcorp Mall this morning. Every Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm, they have flea market here which I guess the only attraction to this mall. It is the first Flea Market in Malaysia with items from antiques, records, collectables, homemade food, old and new toys, pictures and photographs, stamps, old weapons as well as various other interesting items.

The last time I've been here was about 3 years ago. Suprisingly, the market has now expanded - more variety & options. The crowd have also increased which makes the place quite happening. This has definately contribute some sort of shopping spirit in me - not to say that the spirit is never there lahh.....hahaha.

So, these are among (not everything, ok..) the items I bought that day :

Love at first sight - cant take off my sight the moment I laid my eyes on this skirt.
There goes RM 69.90 out of my pocket.

Sandal - RM 39.90

Necklace - RM 10.00

My favourite item for the day (besides the skirt)
Indian-style anklet - RM 25.00

Magnetic Bracelet - RM 10.00


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