30 June 2010

Finally Mine

I know I'm not supposed to shop this month (coz I've way exceeded my shopping budget for last month), I know I've been spending money (though not luxuriously) for the past 3 consecutive days and I know I have to save some money this month for my Sabah trip in August. The fact is I'm neither hypnotized nor am I being possessed. I just went insane, that's all.

But then this time, my insanity is actually driven solely by my long awaited desire. Not just a pure, baseless lust but it's more to fulfilling my own dreams. A dream which I thought would never come true and will end up being buried at the very end corner of my head.

Okay, I'm being a bit over dramatic here especially when all I'm gonna say is that I just bought myself a handbag ! Not just any handbag but that lustrous yellow handbag from Carlo Rino which I've been eyeing for at least 8 - 10 months ago. In fact, I did write about this dream bag of mine way back in January.

Honestly, I've already come to terms with the fact that I would never gonna own that bag. And suddenly today, bangggg ! My luck just being shifted to another level. No, I didnt won any lottery or getting a pay rise or anything like that. Isetan is having a sale & Mr. Carlo Rino decided to slash the price to half ! Yeeeeehaaaaaa !!

Well, I should be proud of myself coz knowing the fact that the price has gone that low, I didnt straight away jumped at the chance. I still hesitate & having second thoughts about it due to all the reasons I've lined up in the first paragraph of this entry. But then with one of my many devilish BFF beside me, fully equipped with an abundance of bad influence, I obviously lose the battle. For all I know, the next thing, I find myself lining up at the counter with the yellow handbag in my hand......huhuhu.

In a way, I'm so happy that I bought it. I've always wanted it & it's now finally mine.


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