05 July 2008

Look What's Cookin.....

Minggu ni memang minggu membuat kuih. I'm just having the mood to cook this week. I love to cook & everything about cooking. Reading cook books is also a pleasure for me coz while reading it I can actually visualize myself doing it. By the way, to those who dont really likes to cook, you guys might wanna try it someday. Cooking to me, is a stress-reliever. If I had a stressful day, cooking will definately help me out. It makes me feel so relax & relieved especially if what I'm cooking turns out to be good. And for that same reason, I have dedicated this weekend to sharpen my cooking skill. The next question would be : What shud I cook??

Since for the past few weeks I have this craving for carrot cake, I'm gonna bake a Carrot Cake. I have collected a few carrot cake recipes during my recipe hunting about a month ago. After analyzing those recipes, I've decided to try out this one recipe which I got from the Cari Forum which is my favourite cooking website. Too bad I just cant remember the owner of the recipe. This is a very simple recipe ==> the ingredients are simple & so is the method. Very straight forward & most important of all, no mixer is required. hate it when u have to use a mixer : very the leceh one !

The cake turns out to be great! The best carrot cake I've ever baked. The texture is so moist & soft and the taste...wallahhh!!!! Lovely ! Everybody loves it which makes me even happier. It is such a great feeling when other people appreciate your cooking. It'll definately washed away all your tiredness & exhaustion - just like that! Itu kalau menjadi lah, otherwise for all you know, the cake would already be in the bin ! That's the ugly side of me.

The cake was on Saturday. On the next day, since my cooking mood is still on, I've decided to make a Beef Currypuff. Lately, i'm getting quite good in making currypuffs, i mean the pastry. I've mastered the right technique & ingredients to a soft & crispy currypuffs.....yeehaaaa!!! So, here are my crispy currypuffs. However, there is a setback to this currypuffs actually. I've forgotten to put salt in the pastry. I only noticed it after 3/4 of the dough are done. Felt so frustated - letih akak ! Nasib baik la inti dia masin sikit.....so bolehlah cover pastry yang tawar tu. This is the 2nd time it happen in my currypuff-making history. I hope this would be the last time lah......


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