04 July 2008

Make Love Not War

Looks like Lin is pissed today. Well, she have the every right to feel that way. Padan muka aku ngan Carol ! We took Lawrence out for lunch yesterday without even asking her. Tucker tu biasalah....even if he offer himself, we wud still not take him. Anyway, back to Lin's story tadi. We ( me & Carol) went to Saisaki semalam - loves their raw salmon..so yummy!! Again...I'm deviating from the subject.

It's not that we dont wanna ask her to join but apparently this girl is a bit fussy when it comes to food. At first we thought of going to Ciao but then hujan la pulak. So, we dun really have a choice but to go Saisaki instead. We're not sure whether Lin wud wanna go to Ciao ke tidak - sebab tu la tak ajak dia. Anyway, no point crying over spilled milk, kan. What's done is done. Just hope things are not that bad & damaging.

Got a new enquiry today - nasib baik 10 valves jer. This is for GSP4 projevct in Thailand. Speaking of Thailand, dah lama tak pergi Bangkok, kan. Missed that place - Chatuchak specifically. Just have to wait till I hit one big job in Thailand. Got one already which is that Bi-Phenol but then, NIMCO pulak yang quote. It's ok....I'm sure that day will come someday. Better start doing my GSP4....ciao !!

BTW, before I forgot....my cheque is not cleared yet - up to now. Sakitnya hatiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!


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