25 July 2008

Got My Nose Pierced......Finally !

Since Abang is gonna be in Kuantan this weekend, I've decided to take an MC today & go to Kuantan too. Cant bear to be so far away from him - gonna missed him so much, that I'm sure. So, took off from KL at approximately 11.00 am, stopped by at Temerloh R&R & by 2.30 pm, we reached Kuantan safely. It's really good to be back home !

I didnt go back to mum's house right away. Instead ,I went straight to the town - heading to the East Coast Mall which I didnt get to go during my last trip back to Kuantan. While wondering in the mall, I saw this kiosk which offers the piercing service for RM 5. Been wanting to pierce my nose for so long but I'm too afraid to do it. So just now, with Mar & Marsya's support, I managed to gather all my courage to actually sit & let the girl pierce my nose. To my suprise, it is not painful at all......seriously, not at all. Rasa rugi sangat coz been holding it back for so long. Anyway, I'm glad i finally did it. I'm so very excited about it - love it so much ! Cant wait to show it to Abang !


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