11 July 2008


Went to watch this movie with Abang just now - the 10.00 pm show. I like Will Smith actually (such a sweet guy, isnt he? ) & that's one of the reason I've decided to watch it. Luckily the crowde is not that bad & we dun have to wait long to get into the cinema.

Seen the movie trailer in the TV for the past one week. All I know, it's about this guy who have the super power - just like other superheroes who can fly, can stop the speeding train, whose body cant be harmed by a bullet...bla...bla..bla..... Well, in this movie, Hancock is an alcoholic superheroe who brings more damage than good to the people of LA. Obviously, one cant expect an alcoholic to straighten up things, right. The first half of the movie tells a story about this Hancock guy & his abilities plus his in-ability to satisfy people.

The remainder of the movie doesnt thrills me that much. In fact, I'm kindof frustated seeing such a good actor like Will Smith end up acting in such a crappy movie. It didnt meet the expectation I had in me before watching it. Anyway, somebody finds it humorous - Abang la, who else. The part where Hancock stucked in a head into somebody's ass really tickeled him. He was laughing and laughing....non-stoppingly. That goes on for at least 1 minute or two :) He really had a hell of fun watching it.

Nevertheless, the movie is ok lah - for the sake of stress relieve. I did laugh watching it which indicates that it's not that bad of a movie - at least better that some crappy malay movies out there. Out of 10, I'll give 6 stars for it.

p/s Will Smith looks super delicious in this superheroe outfit - yummy !


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