26 July 2008

In Memories of Mak Yong

At 5.16 am today, I received a call from my best buddy, Atie informing me that Mak Yong passed away earlier this morning. I was stunned for a while - dunno how I felt the moment I heard the news. Mak Yong had been suffering from breast cancer for the past 3 years or so. She suffered so much & I guess she's now resting in peace.....finally.

Aku tak pernah anggap Mak Yong tu as my frens' mother. She's my mother - in her own special way. She's the kindest woman with the warmest heart I've ever known. And I'm very sure I would never find anybody close to her anymore in this world. I cant find a single bad thing that about her - she's an angel. Smile is always there on her face regardless how bad things can get into her. That's her greatest strength that I think is difficult to find in anybody else that I knew.

Her trademark is being topless at home.....yeah, flashing her big boobs around. That's my Mak Yong! It's difficult to see her with her tops on whenever she's @ home. Even if she didnt flash her boobs, she would've just berkemban. I still remember that day, when Marsya is still a baby & she suddenly cried histerically @ Mak Yong's house. Mak Yong got really panic & she ran off to her neighbour's house to seek help. The funny thing is she just ran with only the batik sarong on her but with a serkup over her head. Hahaha....we cant stop laughing seeing her like that.

Another thing with Mak Yong is her difficulties in remembering people's name. She would created her own version of names to the people she cant recall their names. Like Ridzwan, till now she still called him Saiful & for Juny, she's Kenanga instead. Sometimes we just couldnt figure out what or who is she referring to. Anyway, we do liked to make fun of her on this.

Well, we had lots & lots of fun with Mak Yong all these years. We've always made her house as our lepak centre - starting from our schooling days even until most of us are already married. We would lepak at her house after work & stayed there till midnight. Mak Yong was a really kind hearted woman. She treated everybody as her own family. Full with respects & kindness.

To a wonderful woman who touched many lives. Mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, wife & friend. Suffered many emotional times, but remained a strong woman through it all. Taught many to respect humankind & was a wonderful person to animals. She loved her animals like they were people; always taking care of her animals & her family. You are always missed and never forgotten. Things would never be the same without you. We love you Mak Yong. Thank you for everything. Al-Fatihah.....


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