20 July 2008

Intan The Camera Crasher

Went to visit the "Malaysian International Landscape & Garden Festivel 2008" a.k.a Laman 2008. Been to the same festival before about 4 years ago with mak & abah - on the day I was married to Ajak......dun feel like commenting anything on that though.

There are lots of visitors considering it's Sunday . We are so lucky to get a spot at the parking lot - so damn lucky !!! LAMAN2008 showcases every aspect of the Malaysian and international landscape and horticulture industry; from commercial agricultural products to garden exhibitions and landscape products. It's quite a walk there at the park & we tried to cover the area as much as possible. Spent almost 4 hours there walking - penat giler !

There's this one funny incident I would like to jot down here. Marsya saw the signboard of the Mousedeer & Deer Park & was asking me to take her there. So, we walked & walked trying to look for the place. After been walking for quite a while, we got tired & decided to take the the park's buggy to get us there. So, there we are, endlessly waiting for the buggy. All of a sudden, Marsya screamed, "Mummy...there's the park!!" while pointing at the front. We are so tired we dont even notice that the Deer Park is right infront of us !!

After vising Laman, I've decided to stop by at the National Monument which is situated adjacently to the Lake Garden. Heard about it.....seen lots of pictures of it...but never ever seen it in person. So after 30 years, here I am standing in front of the Tugu Negara.....finally. However, my joy didnt last that long.....my camera suddenly jammed. I dont know what happen but, all of a sudden, it's just cant function anymore. I'm totally screwed as I havent shot a single picture yet at the Tugu Negara. Crappy....really crappy! There must be something wrong with me & digicam coz this is the 3rd digital camera that that I broke !!! Screw me !!!


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