12 July 2008

More Books For Me !

Dun know what have got into me but I am suddenly addicted to storybooks. Suddenly-muddenly, I realize that reading is fun. Cant believe that sentence actually came out from my mouth. I dont even read newspapers, for the record. The only thing I ever enjoy reading is recipe books.....hehehehe.... But now I've became more intellectual.....ok..ok...not "became" but rather feeling intellectual. Cool huh..... :P

Anyway, bought another 3 new book over the weekend :

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan : This is the sequel to Confession of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Havent started reading it yet but I'm sure it's as good as the first one.

Message In A Bottle : Found out about this book from the net. This novel got the 2nd placing in the Top 20 Love Novels posted in this one website. Finish reading half of the story by the way but got a little bit disappointed. Maybe bcoz my expectation is a little bit more.....c'mon, the 2nd one out of 20 mah! Obviously i am expected some great & incredible love story here. What I've got so far is the normal love story....very cliche - a beautiful girl ending up with a handsome guy. It's so boring......doesnt have that special element I'm looking for.....something different from the normal love story. There's no twist to the story....so far, it's been quite predictable. Anyway, I havent finish reading it yet. So, technically I dun have the right to comment...yet. I hope they would save the best for last....i really hope so. Anyway, just find out that they've made a film out of this novel. Kevin Costner & Hayden Panettierre acted in it. No wonder the title sounds quite familiar. Ok then, I'll just have to finish reading it & I hope it's worth it. I intent to get it done with by the end of the week coz I have another 2 books to go !

The Notebook : Find out about this book from the same website as the other Nicholas Spark's novel but this one is at no. 5. Havent started reading it yet though but i hope I'll enjoy reading it. from the review I've read, most of them says good things about this novel - "a great love story" so as they said. They've also made a movie out of this novel too. I need all these positive inputs to motivate me to read Nicholas Spark's novel as the 1st one failed me already.....so far. So, good luck to me then !


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