23 July 2008

Scrapbooking Madness

For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been really crazy over this digital scrapbooking. I've always been interested in scrapbooking all these whiles. Printed some materials for my scrabook already which are now neatly kept under my bed for the past 1 year or so. Not that I'm hangat2 taik ayam....but there are already so many projects been lining up for me. I have my cooking projects , which is the major ones, my beads & sequins sewing project, my garden project, to name a few. These are among those projects that have been waiting for me to execute them. Not forgetting my IT projects - maintaining & updating my blogs --> Personal Blog, Travel Blog, Photobucket etc..etc.....

So, that day, by chance I bumped into this website for Digital Scrapbooking. I still remembered how thrilled I am after discovering that website. Making a scrapbook digitally is indeed much easier & fun too. So, that's it lah....that very day, it is scrapbooking all the way. Luckily I'm not busy that day. So, I could happily browsing & learning this digital scrapbooking thingy.As expected, all of my days after that have been filled with scrapbooking activities. I have a lot of photos to be used for my scrapbook project. I've created a few & been quite impressed with them....perasannya !! It is a very satisfactory feeling to look at those scrapbooks once you've finished them.

My madness on scrapbooking doesnt ends here. I got so overwhelmed with it & bought myself the Adobe Photoshope Element software - pirated ones la! This is one of the software that can be used to create a digital scrapbook. So, bought it for RM15 @ Pandan Capital while waiting for Marsya's piano class. To my disappointment, I cant install that bloody software into my home laptop - it says something like not enuff memory. That's the thing with this kindof graphic softwares - it eat up your memory ! I cant use my office laptop to download this software - it would drag my other programs big time. So, what should I do now ? Should I buy myself a new laptop / PC then? Should I??? I dont know why but my heart tells me that I should do that. Well, why not? I've always love doing this art /graphis things & I do have the money to spend for the PC. Hhmmmm.......I guess I better give it a deep thought before making any hasty decision. We're not talking about 100 or 200 bucks here.....on top of that, I still need to buy a digital camera too. Damn !!! This is hard ! It's damn hard!


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