19 July 2008

Great Weekend Doesnt Comes Often

It has been a great day for me & Marsya today.......not forgetting our maid, Mar. This is the first outing ever with Abang - considering that he's always unavailable :( My original plan is a bit way too ambitious as I thought of going to Cameron Highlands. But the idea actually originated from Abang too - who asked him to open his big fat mouth & mention the place to me.....only 2 hrs drive la...nice place la....the tea @ the plantation is nice la..bla..bla..bla.... Obviously I would be very interested kan ? So, technically it's not my fault - not that I am too ambitious but rather easily influenced :) Anyway, bottom line we still got to spend the day with Abang & for that, I am so grateful to God, alhamdulillah.

I have two options for our outing today : either the Look-Out Tower or Lake Garden (Laman 2008). Since the Look-Out Tower is quite near to our place, I have decided to go to visit the Lake Garden instead. However, we changed the plan last minute since Marsya is suddenly becomes so interested to visit the tower. So, the tower it will be then!

We spent about 30 minutes here at the tower - snapping photos of each other & not forgetting the bird's eye view of the city. Marsya, however still an "Acrophobiac" i.e. fear of height. Pitied her so much...I hope she'll get over it someday, insyallah. Otherwise she's gonna miss a lot of interesting experience or things in life. The Look-Out Point Resturant they have here caught my eyes since I really admire the way they decorate the place - it's interior design. Makes me start dreaming & fantasizing about the cafe I've always wanted to open someday........

Our next destination after the tower is the Eye of Malaysia. Luckily the government decided to keep it for another year. Otherwise, tak merasalah aku ! We waited till it's quite dark before taking the ride. Luckily the queue is not that long & we only have to wait for about 5 mins. Again, Marsya had difficulties being so high up. She was terrified she cant even move. Too afraid to enjoy the ride. Poor girl.....

The last destination for the day is dinner at Tupai-Tupai Restaurant. Heard so much about the place - finally I'm there. Nice place, environment & quite cozy - hidden in the midst of the KL hectics. We had steamboat buffet - RM28/adult & RM15/child. The variety is extensive - worth the money. This is much better that Seafood Terminal - in terms of price & environment. While having dinner, Abang peeled off the prawns for me.....to some people this is considered very normal but definately not for me. Nobody ever did that to me, seriously......very sad indeed. Felt so emotional when Abang did that - makes me feel very appreciated & loved. Sometimes you dont really need something big or great to show your affections towards your partner. These little things do counts......it does! Thanks Abang, for making me feel really special tonite.

By the time we reach home, it's already close to 11 pm. Gosh....such a tiring day for all of us....tiring but happy though. Abang, if you're reading this, i would like to express my gratitude for your willingness to spend some time with me & Marsya especially. I am very sure she's as grateful & appreciative. Thank you so much dear. Love you sayang.......


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