01 July 2008

CIMB Sucks !!!

Well, do I need to say more??? The first thing I did as soon as I got connected to the internet is to login to CIMB Clicks. As expected, my cheque is still pending. I was so stressed out ! Gila-gila punya stressful! It's not the money actually - It is so frustating coz there's nothing I cud actually do to get even with CIMB. This is really bad. I bank-in the cheque last Wednesday, 25th. Rightly, it wud hv been cleared by Friday. Luckily I feel like checking my accounts on Monday. Otherwise, i wudnt hv found out about this & by next day, i wud hv 2 bounced cheque for my housing & Bank Rakyat loans.

I was so pissed off at the bank yesterday. I cant remember when was the last time I was that mad! First, i called the Customer Service Centre. To my expectation, nothing much can be resolved there. Already pissed, I went to the bank hoping that they could do sumthing to help me. Again, I was wrong. All they did is took the same details from me & that's about it. Nothing much they can do as the're facing some problems with the Cheque Clearing Centre. They cant even give me a tentative date as to when my cheque can be cleared. For God's sake !!! I was consollilng myself very hard at that moment not to lose my temper. Breath in.....breath out.......relax.

Fine.....they cant do anything about it. That means I hv to hv some money in my account for all the standing instructions i've made before. So, I fill in the ASB withdrawal form & wait for my no. to be called. I was quite calm already at that time......but after been waiting for almost 40 mins., there goes my patience! Feeling rather disgusted, I approach the counter & asked where the hell are the ASB tellers. I've been told that they are out for lunch. That's it ! That triggers it all ! Kadeboommm!!!!! I exploded !

"Dun tell me you only have 1 personnel for ASM transactions???" I yelled. "Ohh...the other staff is on leave" the officer explains. "Knowing that, you juz cant tell the customer & make me wait like a fool! I' wont be here if it's not becoz of the bank's mistake & yet I've to waste my time here waiting for ur staff finish eating? I already had a very bad today & you better do something coz i really dun wanna create a situation here!" I was trembling with anger - trying not burst out my tears which are already at the edge of my eyes. Then, the officer hurriedly took my form & asked one of the teller there to process it. That was one hell of an experience for me ! Wished I dun hv to go thru it anymore.


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