07 July 2008


Went to Putrajaya this morning to settle my Wira's issue. Abang is kind enuff to accompany me there....thanx darling. I've never been to this part of the city yet actually. Heard a lot about the place though.....it's just that I dont have any reasons to be there before. All I can say is that the place is really impressive - beautiful landscape and buildings, stunning architectural masterpieces. Not only the government buildings are nice, the residential houses are too. If you were blindfolded all the way to Putrajaya, when you open up your eyes, you wouldnt know you are actually in Malaysia. It's just a very different environment there.

Anyway, the moment we get to Putrajaya, Abang just couldnt stop bitchin & whining about the place. He keeps on commenting on how much money the government has wasted to build this place. Well, what he said is quite true actually. I just found out that the Government has spent approximately RMK 11 Billion for this Putrajaya project. This is an enormous amount of money which could have been spent on something more important than this. I am very sure a lot of people out there have the same opinion.


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