08 July 2008

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

When Ain first told me about this novel, it was a few months back. Been wanting to read the book ever since but got held back by lots of things - biasalah...me always being bz kan....dun really have the time for these kindof stuffs. But sincerely, I do admire people who reads storybooks. Well, not only storybooks lah....generally, people who reads. These group people have always amazed me.....nampak mcm bijak pandai sangat...waiting at the bus / lrt station with a book in their hand....impressive!
Never really fancied reading. Did try it before but I just cudnt stick to it. When was the last time I ever read a novel? Let me see.......it's been ages. If i'm not mistaken, "Doomsday Conspiracy (Sydney Sheldon)" was the last novel i've ever touched. That was way back in 1997/8.....lama tu ! I used to like these kindof stories - mysterious murders, mafias, investigations. It'll make my brains work, but then it'll get tired la & u dun feel like doing it anymore. I guess that's exactly what happened to me. Otherwise, i'm just plain lazy....hmmmm...that's more like it...i'm just plain lazy. Suits me quite well :P
Ok, back to my Sophie Kinsella's novel. Yes, she's the author. The bestselling British author. How I'd wish I cud write like her......(sigh). Anyway, bought this book @ RM25 in Kinokuniya KLCC. I was quite suprised when i first saw the price coz it's much more cheaper here. Been surveying this book for the past few weeks in several other bookshops, namely Popular & MPH, but they've been selling it at RM 10 more. Oklah....i dun really "survey".....it's just that I'm a bit reluctant to buy the book. Me & books doesnt really fit, rite? It's just not me ! That particular thought that I had in my head has been pulling me back from buying this book. Not really sure what happen to me tonite that makes me decided to go to KLCC & buy the god damn book. Anyway, I' was lucky I got it cheaper......thank you God!

Start reading the book once I got home. I'm glad I bought the book. It's a very nice book actually. It's fun & hilariuous. I was laughing & giggling all the way . Really got hooked up with the book thru out the weekend. Cant wait to finish it . I really had fun reading it - cant believe I'm actually saying this. Me? Had fun reading?? Hahaha.......I guess people do change & I'm glad I've changed to the better.


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