06 March 2009

English For Mathematics & Science

3-7-2009 11;12;06 AM

.I found this in my letter box today. They’re actually asking people to demonstrate to abolish the usage of English language in Mathematics & Science at schools. Watta hell is happening here????

Not that I’m against my own mother tongue or me being un-patriotic but this is the fact. Malaysians or should I say, Malays in particular need to start somewhere when it comes to English language. English is the lingua franca. If you don’t know English you can bid farewells to globalization. The aim here is to produce quality youngster who’ll one day thrive Malaysia and what is so wrong about that?

This is the core problem with Malays. I know I might get myself killed for saying this but this is what I feel about my own people (though I’m not 100% malay). Malays can sometimes be so close minded especially when it comes to things like this. They just cant open up a bit of their mindset.

Hello people !!! It’s just to learn the language – nothing got to do with colonial domination…or worse still, affecting your faith in Islam. Even Islam teaches its people not to stop from learning. The more things you learn the better person you’ll be.

I supported 110% when the government started the policy of using the English language in teaching science & maths at schools. It’s a brilliant idea & I thanked those people who proposed this in the first place. Our country is not as independent as Japan or other European countries where they could excel just by using their own language.

Knowing how to speak English is essential here in Malaysia. Once you entered the university, you already need this skill. Most of the lectures & reference books are in English. Not that we cant translate those books to Bahasa Melayu but some of the scientific terms are just better off in English. Translating those terms would only makes them sounds weird & funny rather than making it understandable.

After you’re done with your studying, it’s time to look for jobs. It’s gonna be bloody painful if you didnt know the language well (unless you’re applying job with the Government).I still remembered the difficulties & hard times I’ve to go through looking for new recruitments a few years back. It’s such a sad fact knowing that none of the Malays that I interviewed can speak proper English.

So, to all Malays out there……I’m not asking you to totally discard our own Bahasa Melayu but please make an effort to learn other languages. For those with kids, please try to communicate with them in English especially when they’re still young coz kids absorbs better during the early years.



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