11 March 2009

Skytrex Adventure

Here we are getting ready for the Skytrex Adventures

It is indeed an adventure – it might not be for other people but for me it is a hell of an adventure. Dunno whose idea it was, but our company is having this activity today. For a person who’s really terrified of height all her life, I never wanna join from the moment they announced about it in the e-mail few weeks ago. But since all my other colleagues insisted me to try it out, so I said, “watta heck ! Just simply go lah !”

The rock-solid Masoneilan team

So, today here I am at the Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park, Shah Alam. We were then greeted by the Skytrex owner who happened to be a French guy called Julien. He gave us a briefing on the kindof adventures that awaits us there. I could feel the rush of the blood being pumped into my heart just by imagining the activities based on the briefing given.

Gaya mesti gempaq !!

We were first being given some sort of an introduction course at the training track which is about 3 metres high. As expected, I chickened out . I could only pass the wooden planks & that's all. For the next two challenges, which includes the flying fox, I failed.

The only challenge I'm capable of ...hahaha


It's just too frightening & freaky for me lah. I did try but I just couldnt do it. I'm just too freaked out to jump from the 3 metres high platform even though I know I'll be safe due to all those safety equipments attached to my body. This tutorial course itself I've chickened out, let alone the actual 18 metres high adventures ! It's wayyyyy too adventurous for me ! I could ride my bike in the middle of a buzy traffic @ 100 km/hr speed but to jump from a 3 metres platfrom is complete no-no !


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