10 March 2009

Flood @ 18th Floor

Who would have thought that an office at the 18th floor could ever got flooded. Well, that's exactly what happened to our office. This morning all of us were shocked the moment we arrived at the office as it was flooded. There are at least 2 - 3 inches of water covering the whole office.

It seems that the water pipe burst and flooded the whole office. Since yesterday was a public holiday, within 3 days it managed to flood the whole office plus a few other offices nearby.

This kindof thing doesnt happenned regularly - it's like once in a lifetime kindof thing. The good thing about it is that we dont have to work today as the e-mail & server are down. An indeed a blessing in disguise. All my life I've been praying for this kindof thing to happen & finally my prayers have been answered. Thank you God !!


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