07 March 2009

A Refresher Trip To Cameron Highlands – Part 1


Since Monday is a public holiday (for Maulidur Rasul), I've decided to join Abang & his friends to Cameron Highlands. It has been 10 years since the last time I’ve been there. I was about 5 – 6 months pregnant (of Marsya) then. Frankly, I cant really remember a thing about the place anymore except for the beautiful flowers & strawberries.


When we reached Brinchang, it was already mid day. The weather was not that good since it drizzled half of the day. We managed to find ourselves a budget hotel called Tudor Home Inn which offers a family room (1 queen bed & a double decker) for RM 140 per nite – with facilities like water heater, TV with limited Astro channel and Wi-Fi – not that bad for the price I’m paying. Comfortable enuff for the 3 of us – me, Marsya & not forgetting our maid, Mis.



Since it was a long weekend, a big crowd was expected. Nevertheless, it doesnt stop us from enjoying the place – despite of the rainy days during our two days visit. After checking in, myself & the rest of the gang head straight to Tanah Rata town – just to check out the place. The town is approximately 10 mins from Brinchang town. Marsya didnt wanna come along – she preferred to watch TV….can you believe that? So, Mis had no choice but to stay back with her at the hotel.


Tanah Rata town is as small as Brinchang however happening places like McDonalds & Coffee Bean are all located here. We stopped by at Uncle Chow’s Kopitiam for our coffee break. Likewise other kopitiam, the menu are pretty much the same.


IMG_2120Me with Uncle Chow himself


After the coffee break, our next destination was the famous Ye Olde Smokehouse. Apparently, whoever visits this Highlands will make it a point to get a picture of themselves with this typically English house. In fact, no trip to Cameron is complete without this obligatory picture! This preserved English house is a hotel + restaurant….an expensive hotel it is – RM450/nite being the cheapest room. Since we’ve just had our coffee earlier, so we omit the tea here. And because we’re not their customer, we are only allowed to take photos outside the building which is good enuff since they did quite a good landscaping job around the area.




Later in the evening, we went to the must-visit Pasar Malam at Brinchang town, which offers a wide variety of products. You can find almost everything ranging from food to clothing. One main attraction of its night market is of course its food. They have so much of variety that you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can find Cameron Highland local specialties such as sweet potato balls, fried mushrooms, fried lily buds, strawberries and more. My favourite is of course the steamed pearl corn. Physically, it looks different from the normal corn. this particular ones has a white & yellow kernels. The taste? Much, much more sweeter & juicer. It’s something you cant missed if you’re here in Cameron.


IMG_2142@ Brinchang Pasar Malam


. ..
. .
Besides the pearl corn, the following are among other things that you can never found @ any Pasar Malam elsewhere :


IMG_2267The purple cauliflower

. .


Buah Cinta - didnt tried this

. . .



Cameron Apple - didnt try this either !


Fresh Lily Buds - tasty !


Lots n lots of strawberries


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