07 March 2009

It’s Time To Float

Finally we’re here at the Kompleks Renang @ Jalan Yaacob Latif, Cheras……again! We we here last week – fully geared up with our swimming attire but luck is just not on our side. We got there just to find out that the pool is closed since they’re having a swimming tournament on that particular week.

Marsya was so upset – she really look forward to this since she loves swimming very much. To cheer her up, I bought her a Domino Pepperoni Pizza, in which she’ve been hinting for the past few days (not that I have to wait till a “mishap” took place then only I can buy her pizza; but I just hate pizza so much).

So, as promised we went to the same pool again this week. It was approximately 3 pm when we got there. It was a bit cloudy that day which is good coz otherwise it would be very hot.


.To our surprise, the depth of the water there is quite high which is 1.5 m being the shallowest level. For somebody who only knows how to float, this can be quite scary . But do I have a choice? Of course no. Since I’ve promised Marsya that I would swim (or should I say “float” ) with her, it leaves me with no option but to get my butt into the water.

.It was quite an embarrassing moment for me since there are a lot of small kids there in the pool & they can swim very well. However, these kids have been very motivating & supportive to me. They’ve asked me not to be afraid & worried as there would be a lot of people who is willing to help me should anything bad happens.


.With all the strength I could gather, I slowly stepped into the water. Oh my God…..it was so deep my feet cant even reach the bottom of the pool. I have to stand on my toes & still the water level is above my nose ! Ok mummy…dont panic. Just hold on to the edge of the pool, ok! Bloody terrifying !

Nevertheless, after being in the water for 15 mins or so, I’ve cooled off & managed to let go of my grip & start “swimming”. Ok…ok…..not I can actually swim BUT only for a distance of 5 feet the most. That’s about it …..& thanks for Marsya for that.



.Anyway, we do enjoyed ourselves that day. For those who wanted to try out this pool, the entrance fee is RM 3.00 for adults & RM 1.00 for children. On weekends, it opened as early as 9 am in the morning till 9 pm in the evening. The operational hours are as follows :

  • 9.00 am – 12.00 pm
  • 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm
  • 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

.Even though it’s a public swimming pool, the crowd is not that huge unlike other public places. They also have swimming classes for kids & adults but not really sure of the fees since I’m not that interested as I already have my own private teacher .


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