08 March 2009

A Refresher Trip To Cameron Highlands - Part 2

On the 2nd day of our trip, we started our day with a visit to the Boh Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas. It was raining quite heavily when on our way but it gets better once we got there - though it still drizzled & didnt completely stop.

We have to walk up to the Tea Center for about 300 metres or so. There are 2 ways up - either follow the road or use the path that cuts through the hills surrounded by greenery of tea bush plants. Since it's still drizzling, we opt for the road as it is less messier & less dangerous too.

The Boh Tea Centre has a very modern setting. The way they built the structure is quite impressive. At the far end, here's this 20 feet over-hanging platform balcony that was purposely set up & made potruding over the hilltop, which gives a very commanding view of the tea plantation. We're so lucky to get the balcony seat despite of the big crowd. Bought a teapot of tea & 2 slices of carrot cake - and sunk ourselves to the breathtaking view of the plantation plus the cool breeze of the fresh air.

On our way back from the Tea Center, we stopped by at the Strawberry Farm. Unfortunately there are not that much of strawberries as it's not yet the season - as explained by the owner. Anyway, didnt fancy strawberry that much - just would like to experince plucking the fruits from the tree as we can only do this in this part of the country.

By the time we finish going around this farm, Marsya gets really hungry already. We then stopped by at this place called Kea Farm where there are lots of small wooden shops which sells vegetables, flowers & food. We apart from having lunch, this is where we bought some vegetables to be brought home.

Marsya is so amazed with the giant yam @ Kea Farm

Just would like to share an unpleasant story about our lunch that day. We had lunch at this restaurant called Esah Corner, which happened to be the only Malay Restaurant in Kea Farm. the owner of this restaurant is one arrogant cow ! She never smile at her customers, cant talk nicely & can even grumble to them. This is the common problem with Malays entrepeneurs - they think they're so good that they dont need to respect or being polite to their customers. Everybody is the restaurant was complaining about this bitch. Even when I talked about this to one of the vegetables trader near the restaurant, they too agreed that that woman really have an attitude problem. The best thing is that these vege traders are Chinese ! Melayu is rather Bodoh than Boleh !!!

The so-called Esah Corner

This how that %$#@^&* looks like !!


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