07 March 2009

Fish Traders On A Protest



As usual, every Saturday morning I have a date with the people in Pasar Pudu. It has been my routine for the past 5 years to be there every Saturday morning to replenish my fridge.

This morning however, there’s a slight change with the environment there at the market. The place seems to be a little bit “peaceful” - there are less fish traders around. I was thinking to myself trying to analyze the situation. Is it becoz of next Monday being a public holiday, that these people are on their vacation? Doesn’t really make sense isn’t it but that is the only logical answer I could think of at that time.


Later on I found out (after I did some minor investigations & questionings ) that those missing people are on a protest against the new ruling on the fish containers. Apparently, starting from March all fish importers, exporters and wholesalers are required to use an insulated containers. Failure to do so would incur a fine of RM15,000 or two years jail or both. The best part of this new ruling is that those containers can only be obtained from a SOLE supplier. Fishy…..very fishy indeed !

This is the only thing our ministers are good at. Making stupid rules & expect the people to comply with it. One thing they always forgot is that the people are not as stupid as them. Our ministers are becoming greedier & greedier. Whatever new rulings they’ve come out are all for their own financial benefits. Like in this case – why the monopoly? Lu pikir la sendiriiiii !!!!!

With this new ruling, the price of fish has sky-rocketed. We cant blame these traders for this. Just imagine, these new insulated containers, (which the fishing community say are either just as good or not as good as the ones that they have been using for years) cost between RM150 and RM250 each, while the old ones cost between RM80 and RM160. Smaller 30kg ones only cost RM28 but the LKIM-endorsed ones cost RM105. Abih camno ikan tak mahal?

To all the ministers out there……you people have been chosen (never by me ) with an expectation to help the people. In your hands are the people’s trust and please use it wisely…..in other words --> pakai hotak la skittt !!!


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