05 March 2009

Never Switch Off Your Handphone Please…..



I hate it soooooo much when people off their hand phones. Why on earth do they have to do that? I never off my hand phone except when I’m in the plane. Even that…..there’s one or two occasions, I’ve forgotten to do so. Luckily those planes I’m in didn’t go hell wire, otherwise I would be 7 feet underground by now

Again, I’m asking this question : why do people have to off their hand phone? Among the answers I’ve heard : charging (battery) time is shorter….. dont like it to be on continuously….wont be using it ……..bla..bla..bla. Like I said before, I never switch off my hand phone & when I said never I really mean never.

That’s why I got really pissed when people tend to off their hand phones. What’s the point of having a hand phone when you cant even be reached. Worse still when you dont even own a fixed line phone at home. Hand phone is created for convenience – for the caller & the user themselves – provided it’s been used wisely (if you know what I mean).

So, to all my frens and loved ones……please do not off your hand phones (unless you are hundreds of feet above the ground). I’ll get really pissed when I can’t get hold of any one of you when I want to.



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