24 April 2009

Twilight....The Movie

Finally, I'm done with both - the book & the movie. And I'm sure you guys knew which one I preferred. Of course, it's the book. I wouldnt have fallen in love with Edward Cullen if I have not read the book. The book is obvioulsy more detailed as compared to the movie. And it's unfair to compare between those two anyway. How can you compress a 300 pages of stories into a 1.5 hours of movie?

My own vision of Edward Cullen is much more gorgeous than that Robert Pattinson who's the cast in that movie. There's something about his face which I dont really like.....is it the hair? Or is it becoz of the lips that's a bit too red? But that doesnt make me stop from dreaming to have a vampire boyfriend....hehehehe. Berangan laaaa !!!! Like what Carol said to me : the closest you can get here is the Pontianak.....hahahaha.

So, for those who havent watch the movie or read the book, I would recomend to read the book first. It'll make you understand the story more. However, you'll tend to get disappointed since they cant put all the details in the movie. But that shouldnt stop you from enjoying the movie. However, there are certain scenes which are best described in the movie like the scene where Edward carried Bella & ran or some sort fly through the woods. The other scene would be during the baseball game. The effect is superb. Your imagination when you read the book becomes so alive in these two scenes.

Anyway, I've already bought the sequel to Twilight which is the New Moon. Since Marsya will be with her dad this weekend that means I have more time to my own & I'm hoping to finish the whole book then. I just find out that they already started filming this sequel. So, I have plenty of time to finish the book before they start launching the movie !


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