22 April 2009

I’m In Love……..

Oh yesss…….I’m in love In Love !!!! I’m in love with Edward Cullen, the vampire. I’m so obsessed by this character. He was in my mind all the time – how I’d wished I could have a vampire boyfriend – the inhumanly beautiful face, the strength, the sleekness, romantic, rich Mata Duitan …..he’s everything a woman would ever wants from a guy. And he played piano as well……I’m so crazy over him, God help me !

.A boyfriend who would be watching you sleeping every night…..a boyfriend who would be protecting you all the time……a boyfriend who would carry you and run through the forest as if you’re on a plane or something. Now tell me…….who wouldn’t wanna a boyfriend like that??? Mind you….I havent finished reading the book yet & I’m already this insane. God knows what’s gonna happened to me after I watched the movie itself. I’ll be darn damned !!

Carol just finished watching the movie that I’ve downloaded a few days ago and both of us got nothing else to talked about today except the topic of Edward Cullen. We’re both are head over heels in love with him. She’s now compiling the complete soundtracks of the movie & we’ve been listening to Bella’s Lullaby song all day long. I’ve never been this obsessed by a character in a book before. This vampire had really turned my life upside down – for now. I really have to finish the book fast so that I could start watching the movie & make me even deeply falling in love with him. Edward Cullen – you are one hell of a vampire !!!!


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