30 April 2009

Nothing Beats The Male Ego


A friend of mine told me once : “If you think KLCC is is high, wait till you see a guy’s ego. They’re nothing in comparable with”. I have to agree with her. Nothing beats a guy’s ego. They’re so high up even common sense couldn’t defeat it.

'Being a female rider, I’ve to put up with lots n lots of egoistic male riders every day. One thing with these group of people, they cant just accept the fact that a female could ride faster than them. Over took their bike & their ego exploded. They’ll somehow try their very best to beat you. Do or die, they’ll over took you back. Then only they can rest in peace.

'Had a similar experience with my ex-hubby. He would never believe whatever I told him – it’s all rubbish it seems. But wait till one of his friend told him of the exact same thing later. Without giving it a single thought, he would just agree with it – as simple as that. And he don’t even remember I’ve actually told him the same thing before & he objects it. See how sickening this can be. It’ll eat your heart out for sure. To all hubby out there : to listen to your wife’s advise or opinion doesn’t makes you incompetent, for God’s sake !

'Another classic example on male’s ego is when they get lost. If they have to make a turn at the same place for 10 times, they would still do it. To stop & ask for directions is a complete no-no. No way they would do it….they’re the man. They knew EVERYTHING.

'All these are based on my own personal experience. I’m sure not all guys are as bad as how I’ve pictured them – there are some rare, very rare species who could still push down their ego to us, women. It’s just my fate that I have to put up with the rest of them.

'I could go on and on sharing similar examples about male ego. But I’d rather not coz it’ll certainly makes me sick . So bloody sick !!! vomit

3 words to ruin a guy’s ego : IS IT IN ?? Happy


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