28 April 2009

Jom Balik Kampung

Am taking a long leave this weekend - on top of the Labour Day public holiday on Friday. Akak nak balik kampunggggg........Kuantan, here I come !! The only setback to this excitement is of course the driving. I hate.....I mean, really hate driving in a long journey. Within the town is still okay but long journey is a no-no for me. Maybe it's the navigator that causing me this problem.

Marsya, my so-called navigator can be as chatty as she could be when she's out of the car. but once she stepped in, all her energy & strengths seems to weaken & she'll would just fell asleep without me or even her, realising it. So, that leaves her poor mummy to drive alone - trying very hard to keep herself awake behind the wheel which is a very torturous experience, I tell you !!!

So, normally I would stop at the Temerloh R&R for a drink or if situation gets worse, I'll stop for a nap. Both of us then, would be enjoying ourselves, sleeping in the car till either one of us woke up. Still, that doesnt help much once I hit the road again. Me & sleeping - we were so much bonded to each other.......hahahaha.

This time around, I have a few things I would like to do while I'm there in Kuantan. Let's just list them down & at the end of the trip we'll find out what have been achieved & what have not :

  1. Visiting the heritage trail of Sungai Lembing. I found out that Sungai Lembing has becoming one of the popular tourist attraction in Kuantan especially the sunset watching at Sg. Lembing Hill. The only obstacle I'm facing at the moment is finding a travelling companion as I need to be at the bottom of the hill as early as 4.30 am in order to catch the sunrise (the journey to the top of the hill will take approximately 1 hour or so). Still a bit sceptical in making this plan a reality. We'll see how it goes....God's willing, I'll be there shouting from the top of Sg. Lembing Hill.

  2. Curry Mee @ Hoi Yin Restaurant in Teluk Cempedak. This curry mee reminds me a lot to the ones I used to have at my school canteen during my schooling time in MGS. The gravy is just nice - not too thick & not too thin as well. Yummy !

  3. Breakfast @ Tg Lumpur. Went to this place with mum & Aida during my last trip to Kuantan. It was mum who actually discovered about the whereabout of this warong. One thing I love about this place is it's variety - lots & lots of them. There'll be Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Laksam, Nasi Berlauk, Nasi Lemak and many-many more. You'll be spoilt with all the choices they have there. I'll try to find out the exact address of this place & post it in my next entry that is after I came back from Kuantan.

  4. Soya Bean drinks & Taufu Fah @ Kuantan Market's Foodstall. Their soya bean & taufu fah are the best in the world ! The texture of the taufu fah there is so smooth & shiny. In my 39 years of age, I've never came across a Taufu Fah as good as this one - honestly. So, a visit to this place is a must.

  5. Pelindung Beach in Beserah. Heard of this place so many times but havent actually make an effort to go & check-out the place. It's being referred as the "well-kept secret" beach since its existence known perhaps only by the villagers and the nearby residents of Kampung Pelindung and Beserah. I just hope I would be able to locate the place.

  6. Keropok Lekor @ Kg. Selamat, Tanjung Api. Actually, you can find Keropok Lekor practically everywhere in Kuantan. But of all the places, I like this one the best. It's a small warong by the road side of Kg. Selamat which sells some other things too beside the keropok. The keropok here is so sweet - when I say sweet, I dont mean sweet as in sugarly sweet but more of the sweetness of the fresh fish they've used to make the keropok

  7. Kuantan River Cruise - one of the newest tourist attractions in Kuantan. From the info. I gathered in the net, it's quite an interesting cruise I would say. And therefore, I would find time to make myself available for this trip. Am so excited alreadyyyyy !!!!

Very well then, as of now, these are the things & places I would like to venture during my short trip back to my hometown. Most of the time, I could only manage to achieve 80% of the planned schedules. We'll see how it goes this time around. Break a leg Red Scoot!!!!


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