07 April 2009

Suprise Calls

Yes ! Finally after 7 solid days, I'm declaring myself as a 100% fever-free person. Pheww....such a relief. Seksa dek....bukan 1, bukan 2...tapi 7 hari demam! Tak penah2 aku demam teruk camni...must be aging factor lah tu. Nak bagi ingat skit.....asyik lalai aje, tu la pasal.....ngeh..ngeh...ngeh. Anyway, I'm grateful I finally recovered even though the flu & the sore throat is still there but then at least one is down. What more can I say but....alhamdulillah.

I would say it's a special day for me today, apart from being freed from the fever. Got a call from two of my old buddies - such a pleasant suprise. Nily called me up this morning. When was the last time we ever spoke or met? Huh...cant really remember anymore.....must be quite some time ago. Oh yesss.....I remembered. It was somewhere last year. She came over to UOA building with her so-called boyfriend who happens to be sumbody's hubby. So apalagi....sebagai seorang warganegara yang bertanggungjawab, terpaksa lah aku lecture minah ni. Kat dalam toilet kat belakang Subway tu pun boleh jadi lecture hall aku...kihkihkih. Yelah.....budak muda cakder camtu, buat apa lah nak waste her time with somebody like that. Not that she didnt have the look or sumthing. Sombody like Nily certainly deserves someone better! I'm glad I spoke to her that day coz according to her, she really gave a thought to what I've said & decided to broke off with that guy. Sorry la bro ! Kuang...kuang....kuang.....

Later that afternoon, another old friend of mine called. Yang ini memang betul2 kawan lama - my ex-classmate masa primary school - Farawahida. If I'm not mistaken, the last time we've ever met must be during Form 5 @ MGSS Kuantan since she was my school mate then. Well, we have to thank facebook for re-uniting us. She found me there in Facebook a few months back. Only now, we've got the chance to actually talk to each other. I'm glad she called.

Catching up with old friends is indeed very interesting. There are so many things to ask each other....keja apa...keja kat mana...anak berapa orang....suami berapa orang ( opppss...that's only relevant to me ).....and the best thing is obviously gossipping la.... In terms of getting in touch with old buddies, Facebook has indeed played an important role to re-connect the long lost relationships. Thanks to the development of the IT world! Bravo !!

Alamak....dah kol 10 beb ! Hutang tak bayar lagi ni.....till the next post then. Ciao !


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