30 April 2009

It's Good To Be Back

Today is d-day! The most awaited day has finally arrives. It's the day I'm driving back to Kuantan.....yabeda beduuuu !!! The initial plan is ETD 1500 hrs from Pandan Indah. Tapi biasalah kan.....kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan juga yang menentukan. I only manage to take off @ approximately 1545 hrs.

As expected, Marsya dozed off soon after we reached the highway

The traffic is pretty smooth - not so many cars on the road since the public holiday only starts tomorrow. Weather is great - clear blue sky, sunny day but not that heaty. Such a great day to travel, alhamdulilah - praise to God. On the way, we stopped twice for the uploads & downloads. Upload is filling in the fuel & download is when Marsya needs to go to the loo.

Temerloh Bridge - right across Sungai Pahang

Suprisingly, I dont have to stop at the Temerloh R & R - I'm not sleepy!! Not a slight sleepiness manage to creeps in. I dont even yawn during the whole journey - feeling very fresh & energetic. It's either I'm too excited or God have mercy on me this time around. Whatever it is, I am so grateful. Seronok sangat rasanya bila tak mengantuk masa driving - rasa cepat jer masa tu berlalu. 2 1/2 hours is not as torturing as it used to be.

Yei....yei....dah sampaiiiii !!!!!

Reached Kuantan safely at approximately 6.45 pm. It's good to be able to breath the Kuantan air again. The air I've been missing & longing to inhale. Looking forward to enjoying the limited days here in Kuantan. Makkk....anak mak dah balikkkkk !!!!!

The road heading to my parent's house in Taman Sepakat

This is it - rumah Cikgu Rahim


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