11 April 2009

Rude Cab Driver


.Angry This is how exactly I looked like earlier this afternoon – very, very mad! I’ve created a situation at this one restaurant just now. Dah lama benor aku tak marah orang camni – very the sakit hati one !!!!

After fetching Marsya from school, we went to this restaurant in Pandan Indah for lunch. I parked my red scooter right in front of the restaurant. As I’m about to leave the place, came this one taxi & parked right behind my scooter – some sort like blocking my way out la. I tried my level best to get out from the narrow passage in between two cars but I failed to do so.



.So, I’ve got no choice but to ask the taxi driver a favor. I then asked Marsya to go & talked to the taxi driver who happens to be an old man (1 feet is already in the grave!!) asking him to kindly reverse his car a little bit so that I could go out.

Marsya then came back telling me that the old man shouted at her. “Aku nak makan la !!!!” That’s what he said to my poor little princess. Hearing that I got really pissed….really, really pissed ! I stormed into the restaurant & headed straight to that bastard.

Controlling my anger which is super difficult, I approached that pakcik & ask him why does he has to shout at a 10 year old kid ?

Aku : Pakcik, tadi kenapa pakcik marah2 anak saya bila dia mintak tolong alihkan keta?

Pakcik : Aku nak makan lahhh !!!

Aku : Yelahhhh……kot ye pun tak yah la sampai nak tengking2 – cakap elok2 tak boleh ker? Pakcik ni nama jer tua…budi bahasa langsung takde. Macam ni la Melayu – baru bawak teksi dah besar kepala !!!

Pakcik : ……….. (terpinga-pinga macam orang bodoh – memang bodoh pun!!!! )

Pastu, aku keluar & terus amik gambar teksi dia. Tak puas hati lagi tu…aku pusing belakang, tengok muka dia & give him my middle finger. Go to hell !!!!! Ikut hati, mau je aku calar2kan teksi dia tu – so that he’ll remember how to communicate with people. So, this is what a “Small Ambassador ( a nick given to cab drivers ) is – good luck Malaysia !!!!



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