13 April 2009

Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008


Malam tadi nengok ABP 2008 - not that I'm really into it but having to watch ke"gedik"an & the stupidity of the Malaysian celebrities is something not to be missed coz it's fun! I've to get myself updated with these kindof things so that I wont be so lost when somebody talked about this at the office kan.


Anyway, didnt really watched the whole event - it was kindof on & off for me. Watched a bit in the beginning & a bit towards the end. The followings are a few interesting facts I've captured from the event :

  • Anita Sarawak's boobs seems to be extravaganza last nite. I dont think I've been un-observant all theses whiles but I'm quite sure they're huge than before. let's not jump to conclusion - she used extra paddings....wakawaka
  • Why on earth is Siti Saerah been invited as the award presenter?? Yang ini memang akak sedikit confuse......of all the celebrities, why her? She's not even a celebrity to start with. Akak memang biased sikit when it comes to this girl - me no like her. I see her as an "attention seeker" & been using her sister for that. Why her lorrrr????
  • Mawi is no longer botak. He indeed looked different with hair on his head. Must be his wife, Ekin who've changed his look. Personally, I think he now looked older. Dunno whether it's me but I could feel the coldness from the audience's reaction towards him last nite. No more loud screams coming from the audience - the kindof reponses he used to be getting from his fans. Nevertheless, he still got the Most Popular Male Singer Award. Nasib ngko la Cik Wiwi.........
  • Nabil hugged girlfren, Irma when he was announced the Most Popular Artist for 2008. I think he got too excited that he didnt actually realized what has he done. Irma pun cam blur2 je masa tu. Akak rasa menda ni mesti jadik issue punya lepas ni. Pandai-pandai la ngko nak jawab, Nabil.......lu pikir la sendiriiiii !!!




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