16 April 2009

It's Shopping Time !!!

Juz came back from KLCC - shopping la apa lagi. I've decided to reward myself with the bonus money I recently got. Lagipun dah lama benor rasanya akak tak sopping kan. So, what did I buy? Hehehehe.......what else if it's not my long awaited wished sandal. It's not just a sandal - this is the expensive ones or should I say the branded ones. You can get this kindof sandal anywhere for as low as RM30 but unfortunately my desire is a bit expensive this time. Why? Because I don't intend to buy another pair - not in the next 3 years at least. So, it has to be a good ones then. And for that kindof quality, you wont get it cheap.

So, after surveying in a few shops, I ended with this sandal from Reebok which busted RM150 from my purse. There are not much choices available actually - but being me, if I said I want something I have to have it NOW. Cant wait no more !

With the purchase of that Reebook sandal, I'm entitled to buy a few selection of stuff with a price of RM5. So, I've chosen this red iPanema slipper where the original price is RM36.90. Later I found out that this brand is actually owned by that famous supermodel, Giselle Bundchen.

My shopping doesnt stops there....not yet. Just across the shop where I bought my sandals is Kinokuniya. It has been quite sometimes since the last time I ever read a storybook. So, I've decided to buy myself a new book. Twillight. Yes, I bought that. Didnt watch the movie though but lots of people said it's a nice movie. So, if the movie is nice, the novel should be twice nicer as it normally do, isn't it?

So, I'm done with my shopping - for today. Happy? You betttt !!!!!


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