14 April 2009

Be Grateful

I was so mad with Marsya this morning. I cooked her Fried Kuay Teow for breakfast which turned out to be not to her taste. As always, I like to be adventurous when it comes to cooking - in terms of trying out new recipes or new methods. So, that explains the result I'm getting for my Fried Kuay Teow this morning. Anyway, it's not that baddddddd after all - it's tasted a bit different from my normal fried kuay teow.

Marsya told me that the noodle tastes funny & she refused to eat. Hearing that really makes my blood boils. Pagi-pagi buta lagi aku dah mengamuk. I was so mad - not becoz she criticize my cooking - it's her attitude I'm pissed with.

This is what I told her the moment she pushed away the plate : Marsya, tell me how many of your friend's mum woke up @ 5.30 every morning to cook breakfast for them? I'm sure not even half of your classmate's mums did that. For all you know, some of them even go to school with an empty stomach ! You should be grateful you still have food on your table every morning. So, now you better shut-up & eat your food !!!

I can get really disturbed when people complains about their food. It's ok to complain about your food at a restaurant coz you pay money for it. But complaining over a food cooked for you for free is really mean & unappreciative, especially if that person is your own mother ! Very, very bad !

Anyway, Marsya did finished her breakfast despite the funny taste. Well, having a crazy mum like me she wouldnt dare to leave a single piece of the kuay teow on her plate !


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